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The Vice Fund (VICEX) has a 16-year history of investing in Alcohol, Tobacco, Gaming, and Aerospace Defense. We believe that the long-term opportunities that our sectors have before them are compelling and offer investors a unique opportunity for entry into companies who benefit from global trends in growth.

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The New Sportsbook in America

The Vice Fund (VICEX) has been investing in Gaming, one of its four core industries, since 2002. We have focused on the potential for legalized sports betting in the United States since before the lawsuit of NCAA v. Christie was granted a hearing by the Supreme Court in 2016. The ruling on May 14, 2018, opens the door to a more robust, domestic sports betting market, and we are excited about the opportunity this presents to the companies we own in the Vice Fund.

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Marijuana in America: Legality

The current legal environment in which some states have legalized marijuana and the federal government maintains prohibition has created a positive feedback loop in which voters will move national policy to legalize cannabis. We believe [...]

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